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I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang
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I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang

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Synopsis I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang

David Lidell vomited blood and passed out when he was enraged by his rival in love. When he woke up, he realized he had obtained a super lavish system, and it was asking him to spend a quadrillion dollars. After that, David embarked on the journey toward the pinnacle of his life. David, “I’m not going to pretend anymore. For your information, I am a quadrillionaire…”

Chapter 1

“David, let’s break up!”

In a small and secluded forest on the side of the field in South River University.

Sarah Jensen said to her boyfriend, David Lidell.

“Sarah, why? What did I do wrong? Why do you have to be so heartless?” David asked, slightly emotional.

They were both friends from high school and had started dating when they were in senior three.

Even though David’s family background was not that great, he was very handsome, and he was good at studies, he was a typical boy who was considerate and family-orientated. When he was young and inexperienced in high school, he was naturally the crush of many of the female students.

Sarah was not bad either. She was the most beautiful girl in class, and although her studies were not as great as David’s, she was still one of the best students.

Teachers often criticized them when they started dating. The teachers only decided to close one eye on their relationship after the two of them promised multiple times that they would not neglect their studies and would break up immediately if their studies worsened.

Just as they said this, both of them managed to get into the national key university, South River University, and a lot of people envied them.

However, David did not expect Sarah to start to keeping her distance from him less than a year after he started university. Now, she was directly proposing breaking up with him.

In reality, at the start of the semester, he noticed the changes in Sarah. Whenever they were together, Sarah’s mind would be somewhere else. Moreover, she also used a lot of excuses to turn down the dates he proposed.

On one of the Saturdays, he even saw Sarah get into the car of a playboy in their class. However, he still comforted himself that they were only going for a friend’s gathering.

However, Sarah’s proposal to break up today shattered David’s imagination.

“David, let’s part ways without hard feelings and leave a beautiful memory for the both of us, okay?”

“Sarah, tell me, is it because of Leo Tate?”

“What if it is?”

“Sarah, Leo is famous for being a playboy in the university. He even got a female student pregnant last semester, don’t you know that?”

“Leo explained it to me. It was a mistake after both of them were drunk. Besides, that girl is the one who made the first move. He even compensated the girl after that.”

“Sarah, don’t believe him. He’s lying to you. He’s dating a lot of people at the same time.”

“Alright, David, I am just here to tell you about this. Please stop pestering me. Goodbye.”

After Sarah said that, she turned around to leave.

However, David stopped her.

“Sarah, listen to me. Leo is not a good person. Don’t be fooled by him. Did he force you to do this? I’m sure he did! I’m going to look for him!”

Sarah flung David’s hand away and said, “David, stop lying to yourself and others. Leo didn’t force me. I’m willing to do this. I don’t want to be with you anymore. After we graduate, we’ll have to work hard to make money so that we can buy a house, a car, and pay back our loans. We’ll be tied to our housing loan forever. I want to eat good food, wear nice clothes, and use expensive things, do you understand? Do you see this bag on me? It’s the latest one from L Brand and it cost more than ten thousand bucks. I will never be able to enjoy this for the rest of my life if I stay with you. You will never be able to give me what Leo can give me.” …………………….


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