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Love at the Next Stop
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Love at the Next Stop

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Synopsis Love at the Next Stop

When they met again, Stella Johansson was already a married woman. She was embarassed when she met Miles Grant again and exercised self-control by backing off, yet he continued his pursuit. His moment of opportunity came when she was faced with difficulties and he was her knight in shining armor. Yet, after she was admonished by her father, she finally discovered that she had a messy problem in hand.



Chapter 1 You’re Alone, Handsome?

Stella Johansson had received plenty of such WhatsApp messages; in the chat was the photo of a naked couple sprawled on a huge hotel bed without any shame or embarrassment. The man in the photo was her husband—Zane Levitt—who’d never touched her in the half a year they’d been married yet had fooled around outside with several mistresses. ‘Miss Johansson, Zane asked me to send this message to you. He says that he’s not coming home tonight since he loves having me accompany him.’

Stella’s expression remained indifferent. Is she attempting to piss me off by doing this? ‘Tell Zane Levitt to remember putting on a condom before having sex. I’ll be disgusted if he contracts AIDS from going from one woman to another every night.’ Hah! I can even imagine how furious the woman will be upon receiving this message. Zane Levitt might be a gem to others, but in my eyes, he’s merely a breathing male creature. When I think about having to live with him, I simply feel like throwing up!

After sending the message, the slamming of a door fortuitously sounded outside, and she could hear her mother-in-law berating her. “Why are you lounging about in the bedroom again? I just asked you to cook, yet it’s as though it’s the most difficult thing in the world! Are you going against me? You’ve been married for half a year, but there’s no news of a child. I’m providing you with food and shelter, so even a chicken should be laying eggs now, no? Or did you think you’re a queen? You can’t produce a child, and now, you don’t even want to cook? Are you trying to starve me to death?”

With a swish, Stella swung open the bedroom door and stared at Lizbeth Knox expressionlessly.

Fear struck Lizbeth at Stella’s stare, and she backed up several steps, the fury on her face instantly dissolving like a balloon that had been deflated. As she walked to the living room, she muttered, “You’re unwilling to even cook, so serves you right that Zane is sleeping around!”

Inwardly, Stella sneered, Ah, it’s all my fault, huh? Is your son a saint? Can I have a child by myself at home when your son is fooling around outside?

That night, she didn’t go home either. She meandered along the streets where bars were aplenty and all kinds of people came and went under the colorful neon lights. In the past year I’ve been married, I’ve been living as though I’m widowed. I’ve had enough of my husband’s cheating and my mother-in-law’s condemnations! Leaning against the door of a bar, a wanton wave of thrill flooded her.

At this precise moment, a man walked past the head of the street. His features were vague under the dark night, but one could make out that he was wearing a fitting suit, his figure solid. A mysterious aura emanated from him. Tottering on her feet, Stella made her way over. “You’re alone, handsome?”

When a sweet female voice drifted over, Miles Grant frowned and instinctively wanted to shove the woman who’d come onto him away. After all, he had no interest in a woman who was plastered in front of a bar, finding them filthy. Just when he reached out to push Stella away, the headlights of a car flashed, and he caught a clear glimpse of her countenance. Her features were exceptionally beautiful when she was intoxicated, with alluring lips, silky hair, and sultry eyes. Hmm? It’s her again? A roguish smile manifested on his face, and he reached out to wrap an arm around her waist. “Of course.” His tone was risqué and low.

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