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All Her Secrets Chapter 578 by Chestnut

Chapter 578 My Fiancée

Liana was staring daggers at Bryan, and everyone around, sensing the tense atmosphere, fell silent.

Liana took a deep breath and ultimately let it all go.

Bryan was the legitimate heir of the Duncan Corporation. However, at present, Liana was nothing. Bryan was someone she could not afford to offend.

She could not do anything right now.

As Liana stormed off angrily, all sorts of gossip started flying around.

“I saw Liana chatted happily with a classmate about Bryan previously, and I thought they were tight. But now it seems like Liana was putting on a show!

“Who would’ve thought that Liana was just putting on an act? Just look at Bryan’s attitude. You can tell how disdainful he is!”

Watching Liana leave with a gloomy expression, Zain, who had been chasing after her, caught up with her.

Like Liana, he was also a freshman in the finance department at the University of Penny.

After chasing Liana for a while, Zain finally caught up with her.

“Liana, stop running away. I know you’re feeling crappy, but hey, am I not still here for you?”

Liana stopped in her tracks. “Zain, am I that useless? I haven’t done anything wrong, but do I have to endure being looked down upon just because my grades are a little lower?” she looked at Zain in sorrow and whispered.

These words instantly made Zain’s mind go astray. He thought that Bryan had looked down on Liana just because he had good grades.

“Liana, don’t think like that. You’re excellent. Bryan is just relying on his family background. You don’t need to care about what he says.”

Zain racked his brain for a long time before finally coming up with a way to cheer her up after seeing that she remained sad and bothered.

“Liana, there’s a finance conference this weekend. Your favorite finance guru, Professor Edward Anderson, will be there. Shall we go together?”

Liana suddenly brightened up, looking at him with excitement. “Professor Edward Anderson’s finance conference? Isn’t that event open to a small group of people? How can we go?”

Zain confidently patted his chest and promised, “Don’t worry. I have a way. Count on me!”

“Zain, you’re awesome!”

Liana smiled at him, the sweetness in her smile increasing with each passing moment.

Zain came from a well-known family, the Facers, in Loxton. Liana checked that out.

Even though Zain was not the legitimate son of the Facers, it was said that the legitimate son of the Facer family indulged in games all year round, neglecting his duties, and had long been abandoned by the family as the heir to the family’s wealth.

Zain could be said to be favored over this person.

This finance conference was a rare opportunity, and Liana had been itching to join for ages.

However, without the support of the Swanns, she was left without assistance, making it difficult for her to participate in such gatherings.

She was still figuring out how to approach Zain for this, but Zain came knocking on her door himself.

She would find a way to see Edward when she’s at the finance conference.

Although Edward was just a finance professor, behind him lay a vast financial conglomerate with such formidable resources that outsiders couldn’t even estimate.

“If I could win Edward’s favor, that jinx, Catherine, would have to step aside willingly whenever she sees me in the future.” As she thought about this, the anger in Liana’s heart finally dissipated a little.

In the blink of an eye, the weekend was here.

Catherine slept in until noon while Amelia was already dressed up.

“Super Catherine, you awake? Perfect timing! Do you want to join us for some shopping? It’s just me and Bella!”

Catherine was still sleepy and said, ” You guys go ahead. I have something to do!”

“Alright then!” Amelia replied.

Amelia pulled Isabella out of the dorm.

The dorm suddenly quieted down. Catherine slowly got up, tidied up, grabbed the baseball cap nearby, and left the dorm neatly.

When she reached the campus gate, she realized Branden was already waiting there.

As Catherine got into the car, she took a glance at the exhaust pipe and knew that they had been there for some time.

“Why didn’t you tell me when you arrived?”

Branden tucked the cushion in for Catherine, allowing her to sit comfortably. Only then did he respond to her question.

“You can sleep in a little. I can work in the car all the same!”

Paxton, who was in the driver’s seat, kept quiet but couldn’t help thinking, ” He came here at 7 in the morning and has been working for a solid five hours. Can this be the same?”

After Catherine finally settled into her seat, the car slowly started moving.

The black Bentley was soon parked in front of the largest private styling studio in Loxton.

After Paxton opened the passenger door for Branden, he stood there quietly, waiting on the side.

After Branden got off, he went around to the other side of the car and slowly opened the door for Catherine, leading her out.

Catherine looked up and saw the words written on the sign above. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Are you taking me to get a style makeover?”

Branden couldn’t help but chuckle. His deep eyes sparkled like stars in the sky at that moment, captivating anyone who looked at them.

He held Catherine’s hand, gently rubbing it as he explained softly, “Let’s go in and check it out. If you find something you like, just put on it. If not, we will leave!”

Catherine didn’t think much of it. Since she was already here, she decided to go in and have a look. Upon they entered the store, there was complete silence with no sound whatsoever.

Only the shop owner, with the manager, came out to serve them. The rest were all taken care of by Paxton.

The shop owner knew Branden, the renowned big shot in charge of a famous global company.

“The young, handsome, and wealthy Branden, not to mention talented. If I didn’t know who is he, how would I be able to make it in this industry?

“But why does the person the big shot brought today seem a bit strange?” the shop owner thought.

A massive peaked cap covered Catherine’s entire face, and he could not see her face clearly at all.

The loose T-shirts and oversized sweatpants she was wearing hid her figure, making her look like a young, naive student. It left the owner bewildered.

With no choice, the shop owner approached Brandan, standing respectfully beside him. “Mr. Duncan, is the lady beside you today here for a styling appointment?” he inquired in a subdued tone.

Branden gave a slight nod, indicating at the same time the identity of Catherine. “My fiancée, Catherine Swann.”

The shop owner was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect to hear such surprising news when the big shot spoke.

In an instant, the shop owner looked at Catherine differently, and his attitude became increasingly respectful.

“Miss Swann. Right up ahead is our dress section. Do you want to pick your own, or do you want us to provide suggestions?”

Catherine bypassed the shop owner and went straight to the dress section. After a glance, her eyes finally landed on a black dress tucked away in a corner.

She casually pointed her finger and said, “Let me give that a try!”

The shop owner was stunned for a moment. He had thought of all possibilities but never expected Catherine to choose this item.

“Oh, man! This is going to be trouble!” he thought.

All Her Secrets by Chestnut

All Her Secrets by Chestnut

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English

Catherine Swann, a simple countryside girl, was having a leisurely and carefree life in the countryside. She thought she could have a happy life there for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, life had other plans for her. Her grandfather left a will for her, making her the inheritor of the Swanns’ billion-dollar fortune. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, he also arranged a marriage for her.

Branden Duncan, the only heir of the wealthiest family in Casier, was the dream prince charming of almost all the women in Casier. But Catherine turned him down in public. Instead of being angry about it, he was attracted by Catherine's cold eyes.Although Catherine seemed to be a girl with a simple life in the countryside, she was not simple. What kind of identity did she have? How would she deal with her unexpected fiancé and the opposition from the rest of the Swanns to her inheritance of the Swanns’ fortune?

Chapter 1 Return of the Jinx At Vicente Swann's funeral. As the Swanns were one of the three prominent families in Casier, Vicente's funeral was naturally packed with big shots and members of respected families in Casier. In the noisy venue, the arrival of a girl in a white T-shirt attracted the attention of everyone present. All of the people present were either rich or powerful. Despite being good-looking, the girl wore a cheap and battered T-shirt, setting her apart from everyone else at the funeral. Seeing how she walked straight toward the Swanns family, someone couldn't help asking curiously, "Who is she? Why is she sitting with the Swanns?" "I heard that she is Miss Catherine, the second daughter of the Swanns that had lived away from the family. Vicente only asked her to come back before he died." "Is that so? I heard that Vicente ordered the family to announce his will in front of everyone before he died. I guess she only returned for this!" ... The girl did not know that she had already become the topic of the guests' discussions. She looked calmly ahead with an indifferent expression on her face. Her eyes remained focused on Vicente's portrait in the middle of the venue. Nobody knew what she was thinking about at the time. At the sight of Catherine Swann like this, Liana Swann, the youngest and favorite daughter of the Swanns, couldn't help complaining to her mother, who was sitting next to her. "Mom, what is going on with this country girl? Grandpa has died. Even if she isn't sad, she should at least pretend to cry. What would the others think if the media took a photo of her like this later? She wouldn't even change her clothes when we asked her to. People that don't know better would think that the Swanns have mistreated her!" After hearing her youngest daughter's complaints, Rachael Swann furrowed her brows too. She thought that her youngest daughter did have a point. She never loved Catherine, her daughter from the countryside, dearly. In fact, Catherine pissed Rachael off just one day after she had returned. However, it was not the right time for Rachael to handle Catherine now. She planned to wait until the funeral was over before sending Catherine back to the countryside so that Catherine wouldn't continue to embarrass the Swanns here. Looking up, Rachael saw that her husband had arrived. She comforted her youngest daughter in a low voice, "Liana, be good. Your father is here. Bear with Catherine for now. We need to deal with what is important first!" Liana couldn't show her annoyance towards Catherine in public, so she could only choke back the complaints on the tip of her tongue. Nobody noticed that Catherine, who had been looking straight ahead, smiled lightly. The Swanns never spent time with Catherine, so they wouldn't know she had exceptional hearing. Even though Rachael and Liana spoke in a low voice, Catherine clearly heard every word of their exchange. Her mother truly did not love her! As Catherine stared at Vicente's portrait, her eyes flashed with a faint trace of sadness. Did she have to cry because of pain? ... Korbin Swann walked up the stage slowly. He gave a long speech first and expressed his views about how great Vicente was before finally announcing that the family would publicly announce Vicente's will. As many people knew this beforehand, the crowd was not too surprised. Vicente had a son and daughter. It was a no-brainer who would inherit the fortune of the Swanns. However, nobody understood why Vicente would make sure to make such a fuss to announce his will publicly. Was it just for formality? The lawyer Vicente trusted the most when he was still alive opened the sealed will and read it out loud. "After careful consideration, I, Vicente Swann, leave all my shares of the Swann Corporation, real estate properties, and a 500 million-dollar deposit at the Bank of Nospines to my granddaughter, Catherine Swann..." At the lawyer's words, the crowd gasped in shock. Not even the Swanns, everyone present was dumbfounded. Catherine Swann? Wasn't she the second daughter of the Swanns, the jinx that Vicente sent off to be raised in the countryside when she was young? How could it be? She would inherit the fortune of the Swanns. With their jaws dropped, everyone shared a similar look of horror. Except for Catherine, the center of the discussion. She still looked indifferent, as though nothing had happened. Her eyes were still fixed on Vicente's portrait in the center of the hall. Her lips parted slightly as she spoke in an almost inaudible voice. "Old man, what were you thinking?"


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