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Son-In-Law Madness
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Son-In-Law Madness

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Synopsis Son-In-Law Madness

He needed an exorbitant amount to cover his sick grandfather’s medical bills; however, all his money and assets were swindled by his newly-wed wife of only ten days to pay for her brother’s gambling debts. Her parents then asked her to remarry and hitch herself to a rich heir instead. Having had enough of their contempt and disdain, he finally decides to reveal his true identity.

Chapter 1 My Overprotective Wife

“Ten days ago, my card still had two million in it. Now, there’s only a balance of five hundred. Where’s my money, Jennifer?” Donald Campbell eyed his wife with a frown. They had only been married for ten days.

Jennifer Wilson was a tall woman with a fair complexion and a slim body with nice curves. Needless to say, she was a particularly attractive lady. At that moment, she kept her head lowered and dared not look Donald in the eye. Her parents, her younger brother, and his girlfriend were also present.

Donald’s wedding night was supposed to be a sweet, intimate moment. Unfortunately, his grandfather, who had taken care of him for many years, had a sudden cerebral infarction. That same night, Donald sent his grandfather to the hospital.

After ten days of treatment and examination, the doctors confirmed that the old man had a brain tumor, and the surgery would cost six hundred thousand.

Although six hundred thousand was a huge amount of money, Donald thought he could still afford it. To his dismay, when he checked his account balance, he realized he had only five hundred left. The surgery was about to take place the next day. If he did not pay the medical fees as soon as possible, the surgery would be halted.

Donald could not believe that he had only five hundred in his bank account. He had worked tirelessly for four to five years to save up two million.

“Where’s the money?” Donald stared at Jennifer.

She lowered her head and avoided her husband’s gaze. “My brother has to get married, and he can’t do so without a house. Consider the money a loan to him.”

Before Donald could respond, her younger brother, Kevin Wilson, spoke. “Hey, what do you mean, Jennifer? Didn’t you say the two million is for me? I’m going to marry Skye soon, and we can’t do so without a house.”

His girlfriend, Skylar Hoffman, chimed in, “Yeah, we need a house. As a sister and a brother-in-law of Kevin, both of you should help him.”

Jennifer’s father, Leonard Wilson, rapped his knuckles on the table. “That’s right. Kevin is Jennifer’s only little brother. Therefore, it’s reasonable for her to give him the money.”

“You haven’t bought the house yet, have you? My grandfather needs six hundred thousand for his surgery. It’s urgent.” Donald managed to suppress the rising anger within himself.

Suddenly, Jennifer’s mother, Linda Stern, snapped, “No way! The hotel where Kev and Skye’s wedding will take place has been booked. How are they supposed to buy a house and get married if you take the six hundred thousand away now? Besides, your grandfather is old. Since he is already sick, he’ll just have to wait for his death.”

Donald’s expression darkened instantly. “That’s my money! My hard-earned money! My premarital assets!”

“What’s all this talk about your money and my money? You’re already married to Jennifer, and we’re a family. Why are you so calculative?” Linda scowled. She was a woman in her fifties with a gaunt face and high cheekbones. Obviously, she was not an easy woman to deal with, and yet her daughter, Jennifer, was good-looking.

Kevin seemed indifferent like a rogue. “At any rate, I’m going to use the money to buy a house and a car. I’ve already had a house in mind, and I’ll settle the down payment tomorrow. I’ve also pre-ordered a car. It’s the latest BMW 5 Series. The car is really beautiful.”

As he spoke, his gaze was filled with enthusiasm.

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